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Creation, Relationship, and Purpose Workshop


*Price includes all three evening sessions & access to video recordings. Instructions on how to access the recordings will be sent via email.

Presentation, Q&A, and dialogue. A three-evening workshop to expand your awareness and flourish during this great time
of change.


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You change your life, and your world, from the inside out. This is true right now, exactly the way your life is at this moment. You are the one who can change your life’s experiences, right now. Your mind (knowingness) does not reside in your head. Your mind resides in your heart (love). Your heart’s desires … are in your heart.

You are about to discover where you’ve been, where you are and where you can go, as a soul, in your relationships with your lover, your partner, your spouse, your Self, and your god.

We are not isolated packages of the human species, roaming around disconnected and alone. We simply think we are. We are packages of Light, of Vibration, linked together and “stepped down” to the physical, third dimensional vibration of reality.