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The three-evening event Creation, Relationship, and Purpose Workshop is happening this month!


We are in a time of profoundly accelerated change – personally, interpersonally, and globally. There are reasons this is happening, and wonderful opportunities for each of us to learn and grow as an individual and as a soul.
The more anxiety, pain, confusion, fear, or restlessness each of us is experiencing, the riper each of us is for learning, growth, and personal wisdom to develop. What formerly took years or lifetimes to understand and change within yourself can now happen in months and weeks.
You’re here, right now, for a reason. You may have come here as a casual observer, by word-of-mouth, having been to an event or presentation, or from seeing one of my rack cards. Ask yourself what you need, in your heart, right now.
When meeting for the first time I often ask people: “If by knowing each other at this moment, some amazing, wonderful change could happen, what do you desire that change to be? What specific results do you imagine for yourself, your relationships, and your planet?”

Make contact with me to discuss what it can mean to work together. Joy is your birthright. Claim yours and do what it takes to live joyfully, lovingly, and on purpose.