You Have 10,000 Words Remaining. How Will You Use Them?
Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in BLOG

Marcel Marceau, the famous French mime, taught his students to imagine God allocates a specific number of words to each of us and when we use up all our words we die! Just for fun, let’s assume he’s right.

Next, imagine you have 10,000 words left for your life. That’s 10 days @ 1000 words per day, 100 days @ 100 words per day, or somewhere in between. As honestly as you can, calculate your time left.  Let’s also assume every word you speak – negative or positive – is actually prayer crystallizing into third dimensional creation. In other words, whatever you say becomes true.

Now, here are a few questions to contemplate:

1.    How many of the very few words you have remaining will be negative, blaming, or life negating? No, can’t, won’t, don’t, shouldn’t, but, etc. are a few examples.

2.    How many words will you use expressing what you don’t like or what you don’t want, versus what you do like or do choose?

3.    How many words will you use complaining about what you don’t like versus what you appreciate or are grateful for?

4.    How many words will be life-negating versus life-affirming?

Finally, plot out how you will use your “last words”. What will you say, and to whom? What regrets and gratitude’s will you communicate? How generous will you be with your words? What results do you still need to experience in your third dimensional world while you are still here?

Maybe, just maybe, God (I AM) will be so impressed and grateful with your upgrade you find you have been given a “bonus” 10,000 words and you are able to double your time here, as well as doubling the quality of your life!