What if…
Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in BLOG

What if …

·    All your defensiveness, confusions, angers, and fears were an illusorily make believe of your thinking?

·    You are hopelessly perfect exactly as you are?

·    Some One else is actually in charge?

·    There really is a bigger plan, and you’re part of it?

·    All of Humanity is one living entity of Consciousness – including you and me!

·    “Your consciousness, your individual and collective consciousness, is changing.”
     – Kathy Vik, Deeply Awake, Wave Theory

·    We actually are in an intense, accelerated, evolutionary leap?

·    “Now we have arrived at an era where Truth and Reality will take precedence over illusion and density.” – Saint Germain, Separation and Duality, Energetic Changes

·    I’m right about all of the above … then, WHO ARE YOU, REALLY, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

Just asking …