Wake Up Now, Be in Compassion, And Save Our Planet
Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in THE WORD

4_bernard_rackcard_planet_7-7-121. What you think is what you get. Nature rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. 

2. You are the sole source of your experience of Life. Take responsibility and heal any victim thinking.

3. Be in forgiveness right now and abolish blame and judgment from your heart, mind, and voice.

4. Heal any unfinished business of your life “story” and ask yourself: “Free of my story, who am I?”

5.  We are all connected. Just as there is one Ocean filled with many unique waves, there is simply one Humanity, filled with many unique expressions.

6.  Love is not about another. True love is an internal event about the Self I AM that is you and all of Life.

7.  “Do unto others …” Do one random act of kindness daily for eleven days and notice what changes in your heart, mind, and world.

8.  Imagine the Earth, Gaia, as a conscious, living being and love her very, very much.

9.  Gaia is our Mother; Spirit is our Father. They are far wiser than us. Find your deep gratitude for them and thank them daily.

10.  See God and Gaia everywhere, including yourself.