“Tomorrow’s expressions are determined by today’s impressions.” – Neville
Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in BLOG

Why, even though I understand Neville’s quote, I still let what is impressed upon me from the world – and my mental conclusions about those impressions – determine my life in the future, for better or for worse? There is a chronic, habitual “feedback loop” that has me be in my ego self rather than live from the glory of the I Am I Am. Some possible “whys” include:

habit (“Why bother, who cares?”),

laziness (“Why bother, screw you”),

undeservedness (“Why bother, I’m bad/flawed and don’t deserve my life to work”),

genetics “Why bother, “I can’t do anything about it anyway”),

anger (“I don’t have to if I don’t want to”),

fear (of my glory),

ego (fear of my glory?),

ignorance (“I don’t know any better”)

all of the above.

So, what impressions and mental conclusions about those impressions do you let determine your future? What is your “feedback loop” of self perpetuated beliefs that drive your tomorrows? And why do you allow this to occur? You will probably find your answers in the above list, along with the false beliefs that perpetuate both your short term and long term dysfunctional behavior patterns.

“If you will not imagine yourself as other than what you are, then you remain as you are.” – Neville