Think And Speak In Conscious, Life Affirming Language
Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in BLOG

David Brooks, the New York Times columnist, recently observed “… they (men) find themselves in a world that values expressiveness, interpersonal ease, vulnerability and the cooperative virtues.” I think his observation is beautifully stated. It’s called being conscious, and the qualities mentioned must be shared by men and women alike.”

Let’s take them one by one. For me, “expressiveness” means the articulate communication of my thoughts and feelings in open, honest, direct, heartfelt, life-affirming language – both in my own thinking and with others.

When I think of “interpersonal ease” I am reminded of one of my favorite expressions of my rack cards (available upon request): “Honor the other, stay true to yourself”. There is an implicit trust that I will respect you in any exchange we have and at the same time I will stay true to my own words and beliefs.

“Vulnerability” is typically misunderstood, especially by men, as being a sign of weakness. Wrong. It takes great personal security and strength of character to own our confusions, mistakes, and fears, to accept comforting, and to forgive ourselves. I often use the phrase “strength in vulnerability” in my work with clients, and for good reason – within true vulnerability there is profound freedom.

Finally, David speaks of “the cooperative virtues”. Although I have no clue what he means by this, I realize I do have my own understanding of the cooperative virtues. As many of you are aware, I have several rack cards: “Succeed In Every Communication And Everyone Wins”, “Create The Same Way God Creates”, “Make Love While Having Sex And Every Moment Of Your Life”, and “Wake Up Now, Be In Compassion, And Save Our Planet”. They actually sum up a whole lot of “cooperative virtues” and if you desire a copy of them, please send us a message and we’ll share them with you.

The bottom line? Your thoughts and words create your world. Pay attention to the quality of yours and think and speak in heartfelt, life affirming language for the good of yourself and everyone.