Who Are You? No, Really, Who Are You? Part One
Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in THE WORD

Who Are You? No, Really, Who Are You? Part One

Who are you? Finish the following sentence several times: I am … … … If your answers were not in your life, would you still exist? If the answer is “yes” then your answers are not who you are. Who are you, really?

Who Do You Think You Are?

In our mind we identify with, or think, we are our name, our body, our beliefs, our occupation, our role as parent or child, or even our house, our jewelry, or our car. In 1963, when I was sixteen, my Dad gave me a 1956 Chevy convertible and that became “who I was”. If you messed with my car you were messing with me!

We identify with our pain or our fear, our illness or our health, our “things” or our role. We think this is who we are, and other people think this is who we are; before you know it, we forget who anyone is, including our own Self! Who do you think you are?

Who You Are Not

You are not your mind; you are not your body, name, marital or parental role, profession, health, intelligence, car or boat, beauty, talents, or even your sex! You are also not “nothing” even though at this point it may feel as though there is nothing else left to be. And you’re right! There is no-thing you are. simply being, free of the “story” of who you think you are.

Who You Are

You are an individual package of energy living in a broad field of energy called Earth, itself an individual package of energy living in an even broader field of energy called the Universe. As an individual field of Consciousness you, as a soul, have “stepped down” in vibration to third dimensional (material world) reality. Your awareness of being condenses to take form as a physical expression of Life.

Your physical body becomes the 3D expression of your awareness of being – your nature, your experiences, your memories, your beliefs, and your DNA.. You are a package of God, Allah, Buddha, Nature, “What Is”, Totality, Higher Power, Consciousness, or whatever you call it. Your awareness of being becomes individualized as the Self you are, as the self “I AM”. To put it simply, all you can know is your awareness of being – Godstuff!

“The human body is fundamentally nothing but a swirling emptiness, a concentration of dancing energy patterns in direct relationship with all other organized fields of rhythm throughout the entire universe.” – Ramesh Balsekar, A Net of Jewels

The Goal

It is the minds’ job to think. Confusion comes when you believe or “buy into” what your mind thinks and attach meaning, emotion and identity to its thoughts. Cultivate the ability to step back and witness the mind’s thoughts through loving self-reflection, self- forgiveness, and meditation. You can choose what thoughts you respond to. You then become aware of your true Self, your simple awareness of being, independent of who your mind thinks you are.

“When personal identification vanishes, all that remains is a sense of presence without the person [awareness of being], which gets translated into a feeling of life as total freedom.” – Ramesh Balsekar, Consciousness Speaks

Look in the window of a jewelry store. There are gold rings, gold bracelets, gold necklaces, etc. If you take all the gold jewelry, put it in a pot, and melt it down, it all becomes the same basic substance, the same basic “goldstuff”. We then realize the illusion of individual pieces of jewelry and instead see the jewelry’s essential nature.

Similarly, even though each of us seems separate and unique, like the different pieces of gold, we are all made of the same basic substance. When you “melt down” – sleep, go unconscious, finish with your body – you become your pure I AM Self. We are all the same essential nature confusedly thinking (believing) we’re separate.

The goal is to dis-identify with the thoughts of the mind and the objects of the world, Find the space between your thoughts – it’s there, even if it’s for a nano second. Breathe into that space. Breathe and be, breathe and be, breathe and be. Identify with who you know yourself to be beyond the conclusions, beliefs and judgments of the mind: an expression of Consciousness individualized as you and labeled “Mary” or “Joe” or even “Fido”. Godstuff.

Breathe and be and experience who you are!

“Be still and know that I AM.” “The truth is that the inner Self of every human being is supremely great, and supremely lovable.” – Swami Muktananda, Mystery of the Mind