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Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in OTHER

As we would do an amazing, incredible piece of work together, what specific results do you imagine? How does your life look, specifically, in your ideal picture or outcome? How do you feel, specifically, in your new picture? If you could have your ideal outcome would you take it?

We will become aware of the basic “old programming” or misbeliefs you carry, who you think you are, and what you believe is possible and impossible.

You ask me anything you desire: “Is there hope?” “How do I install my new programming and feel meaningful, loving, connected, and joyful?” And everyone’s favorite questions: “How long and how much?” Together we establish a clear sense of what is necessary for you to achieve the profound peace, stillness, meaning and connection that is your birthright.

Individual, couple and family sessions (via phone or in-person) are 60 or 90 minutes. My standard rate is $165 per hour. If finances are an issue, we can discuss a sliding scale rate or some mutually respectful exchange of time and energy.