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    “Bernard Corrigan is an insightful, compassionate and, most of all, effective therapist. His ability to think outside the box and his willingness to draw on his own spiritual wisdom and practical experience helped me greatly during some of the most difficult moments of my life. His own impeccable commitment to personal growth informs every aspect of his professional practice. All of this is leavened with his spirit of fun and adventure, his incurable optimism, love and dedication.” -Bill Frisbie

    “Thanks so much for finding humor in my shameful episodes. Your attitude really helped and your brilliance and education cleared away a lot of darkness. It was most enjoyable and helpful.” – Jim

    “Bernard has challenged and encouraged me to the very limits of my will to find who I am and what my purpose is. That isn’t the most amazing thing, however, it’s the way he does it. He truly lives what he speaks: truth, honesty and compassion. Working with him invites you on an infinitive, interesting and challenging adventure… your life!” – Tina

    “You have a complete and total humbleness yet you are so clear in having me understand who I am.” – Monica

    “You really accept me for just who I am. And you give me very good questions for who I choose to be.” – Cheryl

    “He doesn’t give me advice or tell me what to do; he just asks me a lot of questions and finds out what’s important to me.” – Mike

    “In each of our lives, those whom seek to ascend our own tree of knowledge and wisdom in search of life’s truth must first sow seeds in a fertile home. Bernard’s endless well of wisdom and insight has proven to be a consistent flow of the right nutrition and light allowing each seed to break its casing. These become such trees for all to ascend. Bernard is gifted as the keeper of the orchard.” – Eric

    “You are brilliant. You tell me so much about myself it makes my head spin.” – A.F.

    “I’ve only met you on the phone but it feels like you’ve known me all my life. You tell me things about me so honestly but you’re very kind at the same time. How do you do that?” – Jeff

    “Thank you for sharing a most profound teaching. The understanding of how my language imprints my thought process is explosive. Your knowledge, generosity in communicating and style are a gift of the highest order.” – Casey

    “It’s clear to me you’re in this to help me make my life work. Your commitment is great.” William S.

    “Therapy, to me, is a quest to seek the truth and to ease the battle between the mind and soul. Bernard has helped me understand this challenge, drawing from several masters and his own life experience. I draw from his tales and quotes to get through some of these challenges when he’s not around- in essence he is always in my pocket.” – Mary

    “I realized if I change my language I can change how I feel.” – B.R.