Creating Good Vibes
Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in BLOG

The other day I had a wonderful visit with Carole Perez Montanari, a birth and postpartum doula. Birth doulas support expectant women and their partners and families with the emotional and physical aspects of childbirth. Postpartum doulas serve and support after childbirth.

We were discussing the importance of conscious language in our lives (Carole is a graduate of the Language of Mastery course I offer) and the value of a positive, life affirming atmosphere into which a child is born so a newborn can experience the greatest safety and grace possible as he or she enters this world.

Carole mentioned how many birth professionals, from doctors and nurses to midwifes and expectant parents, express unconscious negative beliefs and fears through the language they speak. As we continued talking Carole mentioned the idea of a “birth language” to help create the best possible environment surrounding the birth experience.

You see, our words set up a vibration and we all feel this vibration – whether we are aware of it or not. Have you ever walked into a waiting room, or a school room, or even a hair salon or restaurant/bar, and felt there was something “off” about the space you just entered? Conversely, perhaps you have walked into a juice bar, yoga studio, or bookstore and felt welcomed, or that you wanted to linger there.

What you are feeling is the vibration – literally – of the space you are in. This is where the expression “good vibes” comes from. The vibrations you are feeling are significantly determined by the quality of the words and beliefs spoken (and unspoken!). Check this out for yourself and ask yourself what vibration you choose to experience and if your words are open, honest, direct, and life affirming.