Make Love While Having Sex And Every Moment Of Your Life!
Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in THE WORD

3_rackcard_love_7-7-121.  If you want to make love, stop obsessing about sex. Learn about Love.

2. Pay attention and study how the opposite sex thinks and speaks. As you’ve noticed, it’s different!

3. Find your heart before you start looking for the other’s body. This is the “love” part.

4. Safety is the aphrodisiac for a woman. The greater her safety with you, the greater her surrender to you.

5. Surrender is the aphrodisiac for a man. The greater your surrender to him, the greater his devotion to you. 

6. Satisfaction for a woman is to be completely fulfilled by a man. Ask her what this means … many, many times!

7. Satisfaction for a man is to completely fulfill a woman. Teach him what this means … many, many times!

8. Being present is foreplay. Presence first, then make love.

9.  Stop objectifying the other. Be present to the being in front of you. This is making love, with or without sex.

10. When you are present and true to yourself you make love every moment of your life.