Life is a Spiral
Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in BLOG

Life is linear. We are born, we grow, and we die. We think sequentially, with logical reasoning: one-two-three-four. This is masculine, straight line (think penis), linear thinking. We move ahead or we have a setback. Two steps forward, one step back, as the saying goes.

Life is circular. The seasons of the earth go around and around. We think intuitively, knowing something “for no reason”. This is feminine, circular (think womb), global thinking. What goes around comes around, as the saying goes.

Life Is A Spiral: Linear and Circular
We live sequentially and intuitively. We are masculine (“I’ll think about it.”) and feminine (“What’s my sense of it?”). The spiral moves linearly through time – masculine, and around through cycles – feminine. The spiral model incorporates both the straight line forward movement of the masculine energy with the circular, all encompassing stillness of the feminine energy.

So What Does This Mean For Us?

+  “As above, so below.” From the largest to the smallest, we are a spiral. Macrocosmically the galaxy in which we live and are a part of, our Milky Way, is a spiral. Microcosmically we are a spiral on the most fundamental level of our existence: our DNA, a double helix spiral.

+   We have known we are a spiral for as long as we can remember. The spiral is one of the most ancient symbols in recorded history and shows up in many diversified cultures, from the Celtic, to the Middle Eastern, to the Asian.

+  Within each of us the polarity of masculine and feminine exists as the whole of who we are – think of the Asian symbol of the yin / yang. The dark of the feminine contains the masculine within it and the light of the masculine contains the feminine within it.

+  The linear and the circular, taken alone, are limiting and when applied psychologically can encourage blame: “I get ahead and then I fall back.” or “I just keep going around and around in a circle.”  “What’s wrong with me?”

When we look at our life as a spiral, however, life is forgiving. When we are at the top of our spiral life is great; when we are at the bottom of our spiral life is challenging. Even when we are going round and round though, we are still moving forward, evolving, and becoming wiser. If you are in a second or third relationship or marriage, notice that even as you may have some of the same confusions as before, you are also wiser than before. This is the spiral of our lives.

We are spirals of energy, all intertwined with one another, all connected to one another. Enjoy!