Let’s Talk About L— This Week
Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in BLOG

L— is an unspeakable Universal essence and is the core vibration of each of us.

Any love we can speak is not love. Love we speak may be hope, sympathy/reassurance, or even gratitude, but not L—.

Hope: Often the love we express is “hope”; “I love you” with a slight ? at the end of the word “love”. In other words, “I love you(?). Do you love me? I hope you love me, than I can believe I’m lovable because I’m not really sure I am lovable.”

Sympathy/reassurance: “I love you” with a subtle dip at the word “love”. In other words, I see you are feeling insecure, down, self-doubting, so if I say ‘I love you’ maybe you’ll feel better.

Gratitude: “I love you” equals “Thank you.” This is most commonly confused with actually being L—. Listen to your words the next time you have the urge to say “I love you” and become aware of what you are actually feeling behind the words. You may be surprised L—: L— is accessible to us, but requires a profound stillness to be experienced. It is an ineffable vibrational experience, beyond the mind and deeper than the cells of our body. Personally, the closest I come to actual L— in my verbal communication is as a parent to one of my children.