Let’s Talk About Empathy This Week, Part 2
Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in BLOG

Sympathy, compassion, and empathy all have to do with connection. Sympathy is about acknowledging another person’s emotional pain and providing comfort and assurance. Compassion is caring about the other free of any need to “fix” or “save” the person. Empathy is understanding what others are feeling because you have experienced it yourself and can put yourself in their place.

The point of all three is to relate in a loving way to another … to connect your heart with another’s heart. Ultimately, as we are all expressions of the same Consciousness, we are relating loving to our own Self, in a different package. We are remembering that although we each have our own unique “story” of who each of us think we are, we are actually “all bozos on this bus”. We are all doing our best to live with integrity and honor the other while staying true to our own self.

Sympathy, compassion, and empathy, along with integrity, caring, and mutual respect, are the cornerstones of living a conscious life and of becoming a new species.