Speak consciously, say what you mean, create what you desire.
“… the inner world of continuous Imagination and thought is the force by which the sensuous outer world of Becoming is brought to pass.”  – Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination

How many times have you said “that’s not what I meant” or “that’s not what I said”?

How many times have you been certain you communicated exactly what you wanted to say and the other person had no clue what your point was?

How many times have you said what you don’t want, only to have the person do exactly what you didn’t want? “Kids, don’t forget your bags” instead of “Kids, remember your bags”, and then have to turn around because they forgot their bags!

How many times have you told your partner what you don’t like about him or her and they reacted negatively instead of telling them what you do like or appreciate and then saying what you do desire?

Over the course of 35 years counseling individuals and couples to communicate with themselves in their thinking and with each other in their words, I have observed countless times the destructive and the healing power of the beliefs we think and the words we use. Twenty years ago, I met Robert Tennyson Stevens, founder of Mastery Systems® and Language of Mastery® and began shifting my own language based on his prolific teachings. I was so moved by the changes within myself and my relationships that I became a Language of Mastery® instructor and have been teaching Conscious Language ever since. To this day, I am continuously amazed by how effectively our lives change simply by thinking and speaking in direct, specific, conscious, heartfelt, life-affirming language. -Bernard Corrigan

When we unconsciously create a life of experiences and events we are at the mercy of our unconscious thinking and our unconscious words. When we consciously tell our mind what to think, we use our mind and words with discrimination to live a life of intentionality, purpose, and fulfillment. With Language of Mastery® you will learn to live your life consciously, speak only what you choose to have come into being, and allow creation to unfold from a place of peace and power within you.

In the Language of Mastery® training there are specific domains of language where you learn a new, life-affirming language of fulfilling your desires and experiencing the life you know is your birthright. Come learn Language Of Mastery® to consciously and wholeheartedly choose your thoughts and words and give yourself a new life.



Where: The Artist Study ~ 25 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY.


$250 per person, $195 for reviewers. Please contact Bernard to discuss an alternative financial arrangement if finances are an obstacle. The Playbook is an additional $25 per person, free for couples. Contact Bernard at or (631) 725-9394 for more information or click below to register. Pre-registration required.