Fear is Faith Returning
Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in THE WORD

By Robert Tenneyson Stevens

During many of the Conscious Languaging Events, and other seminars I share, folks begin to make choices. If a choice is made with feeling and specificity, frequently the individual begins to access memories or belief systems, which do not agree with the new choice. If a new choice of confidence, health, prosperity, or the like is made, any experience, memory or thought of fear, disease or lack which does not fit into the new choice will have the opportunity to arise for a correction.

Fear frequently shows up in the individual’s way as new courage begins to manifest. I used to think fear was a bad thing. I now know fear is a natural progression of feeling into faith. Fear actually speeds us up into faith. As you make new choices, move upscale, increase your health and vibration, the lower frequencies come to our attention to meet our love, to be birthed into new shapes, feelings and energies. Love is essential for transformation. Fear, when loved, turns into faith, courage, confidence, security and assuredness.

As we move upscale, remember some of our old thoughts and memories may not fit into our new experiences. When we can love them, and make a new choice, our up scaling takes on a new flavor of ease. Check out these options on your way to your joy:

Anger turns into forgiveness and loving action.
Grief into joy.
Pain into love.
Struggle into ease.
I can’t into I can.
Apathy into caring.
Numbness into sensitiveness.
Remember, every word we speak is a prayer coming into reality.

Robert Tenneyson Stevens is founder of Mastery Systems Corp. and developer of Conscious Languaging, Imagination Activation, Bio-Optic Holography and Bio-Electronics. For over 30 years, Robert has extensively researched, synthesized, enhanced, and successfully applied innovative methods for achieving success. Currently, Robert is actively engaged in bringing Conscious Languaging® and Language of Mastery® to health conscious individuals, business, and our educational systems. www.masterysystems.com