Create the Same Way God Creates
Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in THE WORD

2_bernard_rackcard_create_7-7-121. I AM because I AM. My awareness of being is the first cause, the source of creating. “Be still and know that I AM”.

2. I forgive myself, my parents, God, and anyone I have ever blamed in my life. I deserve what my heart imagines. I must believe and feel deserving.

3. I imagine my desires with clarity, specificity, and feeling. Enthusiasm, joy and gratitude provide the fuel for subconscious mind to draw to me my chosen imaginings.

4. I decree, “It is done” and live in my outcome now, before the actual manifestation of my heart’s will. Subconscious mind does not know time.

5. I experience living with my heart’s desires already fulfilled. “I am consciousness of being it. I am still conscious of being it. I continue to be conscious of being it until that which I am conscious of being is fully expressed and manifest.”

6. I love, with gratitude, what is created, even before it comes into manifestation; subconscious mind understands my heart’s desires are already present. Love is the fabric and essence of Creation.

7. I surrender. Maintaining my consciousness of being “it”, I relax, allowing nature to rearranging itself into my imagining.

8. Creation happens. Nature provides the circumstances, co-incidences, and opportunities for that which I imagine to come into expression.

God does not give us what we want,
God gives us what we believe is true.