From Independence to Interdependence
Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in BLOG

My son Dhruva and I were having a discussion a while back about co-dependence and independence and the flaws of each. Co-dependence, of course, is when I need you to be “okay” – happy – in order for me to be “okay” – happy. If I am “wired” with this false belief, than my well being is forever at the mercy of how you feel!

Independence is, ultimately, no better. In one word, the wiring for independence is “me, me, me,” with minimum to zero capacity for genuine altruistic thinking. As a result, there is vast, unnecessary suffering and our economy continues to go rapidly downhill.

The truth is, both co-dependence and independence are dysfunctional models for humanity to successfully evolve to a new species. The transformative modality interdependence is required.  Eventually we must realize Why? Because “we’re all bozos on this bus.” We’re all made of the same matter and, ultimately, from the same Spirit or Consciousness.